Thursday, 14 August 2014

Scotland & The Highland Fling

This term we have been learning about Scotland and are now starting to learn the Highland Fling
with Room 8. 

Joanne has been coming in to help us work on the finer points of the Highland Fling. She has competed in Highland Dancing since she was 4. We are very lucky to have someone who is sooooooooo good at this helping us. 

The children have been getting better and better the more we practice. They are having heaps of fun and are using lots of determination and enjoyment while learning about this dance. 

Check out the video below to help you practice at home. I also reckon you should be teaching your Parents how to do the Parkvale Fling!!!!

Highland Fling from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Please come in and check out the amazing reports the children have written about Scotland. We loving people visiting our classroom and making comments on the blog. 

Mr D