Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Pigeon Impossible Short Films

Check out this cool short film about Agent Walter...

Today in class we watched this cool film. We have now decided we are going to write a new story about Agent Walter. We talked all about what the new mission might be, what animal might spoil the mission, different WOW words we could use, The different funny things that happen in the story.

Have a talk about this with your family. What ideas do they have? they might be able to help you with some great imaginative ideas, missions to go on, a different checky animal to choose, or even some WOW words to use in your story.

Maybe you could share your ideas by making a comment on this blog post?

Mr D

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Mosaic Mirrors on Trademe

Finally we have the Mosaic mirrors up for sale on Trademe.

The children have had so much fun doing these and the learning experience has been great. They all look amazing and the children are so proud of their efforts. And so they should be because we have had an amazing response from other students and staff from Parkvale School. 

Please remember all money raised will go towards lowering the price of Room 9’s camp. So happy bidding and good luck.

As a class we would also like to thank the Parents who took time out of their days to come in and help the children. Without your help it wouldn’t have happened. So THANK YOU so much from all of Room 9.

Below is the trademe website and the link  for each groups mosaic mirror. The auctions close next Thursday night.

Alex, Megan, Pipa, Paige, Keisha, Jasmine - Listing #: 622056799

Oscar, Amy, Zach, Nikita, Lucian - Listing #: 622058870

Haris, Bodie, Daniel, Michael, Tyler, Zane- Listing #: 622060439

Jack, Max, Jamie, Terenzo, Kevin - Listing #: 622063165

Diaz, Khushi, Mai, Harry - Listing #: 622065271

Please view the website and bid away. The children are very excited to see what will happen with these auctions and to see how much money we can raise. 

Check out the pictures below to see how much fun we had while making these mirrors.